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Orchid Terminology



Meanings of commonly used orchid Terminology :


Anther Cap The cap covering the pollen.
Pollen Yellow sticky substance found under anther cap
for hybridising
Back Bulb Old pseudobulb usually without leaves.
Pseudobulb Mature growth.
Cane Another word for pseudobulb.
Bifoliate Having two leaves.
Monofoliate Having only one leaf.
Unifoliate With one leaf.
Monopodial Plant only grows upwards from a single growth.
Keiki A small plant identical to parent growing on
cane. Hawaiian for baby.
Mericlone Plants produced under laboratory conditions identical to parent plant.
Hybrid The offspring resulting from the crossing of two
different parents.
Natural Hybrid A hybrid produced by two different species
occurring naturally in the wild.
Species A plant growing naturally in the wild.
Genus (genera) Group of plants sharing similar characteristics.
Intergeneric A crossing between two or more genera.
Epiphyte A plant that grows on the side of another plant
and obtains nourishment from the air.
Inflorescence The flowering part of the plant.
Panicle Branched inflorescence.
Spike A flower stem.
Raceme An unbranched inflorescence.